First of all…

Firstly I want to welcome you to my website and to say that I hope that you come back again to see what I have to say. I’ll be keeping everyone up to date with what’s going on in my family, career, and extra curricular activities.

AmticoBefore I get onto my own stuff I’d like to say a big hello to my friend Richard who runs a company called Carpet Creations.

I promised him I’d mention him, so here we go.

Carpet creations is an actual shop, or 2 shops actually based in Cheshire & Derbyshire, and they sell (unsurprisingly) carpets, plus other types of flooring like Amtico which is a kind of vinyl floor tile.


Amtico is a kind of luxury floor tile that imitates wood or stone or slate, etc (it actually look just like the real thing) but is cheaper than the stuff it looks like, is quicker and easier to fit, and easier to look after. [Read more…]

The January Transfer Window

nottingham forest - mighty redsBack to Forest again and the continuing saga of the January Transfer window….

I don’t know why but we always seem to struggle to bring in new players to the club during January, the same thing seems to happen each and every year.

All of us supporters get really excited, we anticipate and speculate over who is going to be joining, some big names get banded around like Jordan Rhodes (for c.£10 million!), etc, etc, etc, and then…


We always seem to miss out on our targets and not sign anyone, but this year, despite it seeming like it was shaping up for more of the same, we’ve got to the 29th and then, BAM! [Read more…]

Happy New Year

happy-new-year-2014I hope you all had a great Christmas, I just wanted to say Happy New Year to everyone that I haven’t already spoken to or haven’t seen.

I’ll try to get in touch with all family and friends over the next few days, I’m out at a party tonight so might be suffering tomorrow, lol.

I hope you’ve all got something great and special planned, have a good one and a safe one and I’ll speak to you soon.


We’re Importing Water into Yorkshire!

furry kettleI find this really hard to believe, but here in wet and windy Yorkshire (where it’s pouring it down as I type and sounding like a force 9 gale is blowing) we are actually importing water from Hull.

Can you believe that?

I’d have imagined if anything we’d be exporting the stuff as fast as possible, but no, despite the constant rain and horrible weather we are actually buying it in. [Read more…]

Nottingham Forest

nottingham forest - mighty redsNo site of mine would be complete without a mention to my beloved Nottingham Forest, the super reds who once, under the genius and brilliant leadership of Brian Clough & Peter Taylor terrorised Europe and swept aside all and sundry to win not just one, but 2 Eurpoean cups.

Sadly those glory days are long, long ago, and it’s been something of a roller coaster ride since, with the last dozen years or so consisting of a roller coaster that goes down and down and then down some more.

We’ve had it all, bad managers, mad managers, rubbish managers, and clueless managers, an owner who poured £millions into the club and sadly died suddenly, leaving the club on the verge of disintegration, facing the very real possibility that after 146 years or so, and as one of the oldest clubs in the football league, Forest would be no more. [Read more…]